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Website is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.
It is your first point of contact with your clients, when they decide to buy your products or services.
Thus, a professional website is your most valuable asset.

Boost your business’ visibility online with a user-friendly, responsive website, developed by Web Fairy.

What do we Offer ?

Web Development

We will develop your WordPress site, Woocommerce site, Portfolio, minisite or landing page.
Your website will follow your business branding and enhance your online presence.
Web Fairy will create the best WordPress site for you.

Maintanance & Management for WP Sites

What if your business website is too old or does not accurately represent your business? Whether you want to upgrade an existing website, or build a brand-new one, we can do that for you, while keeping your Google ranking intact. No matter what type of project you have, we will take care of it for you.


Support for WP Sites

You already have a website, and want to upgrade it and take it to the next level?
Slow loading times, broken links, security breaches, and other glitches, damage your reputation and discourage potential customers. It is important to address and fix these issues without delay. At Web-Fairy, responding to flaws on an existing website is a top priority for us.
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Anat Zelniker

My interest in computers and programming began when I was a child, back in the 1980s. Since then I used to work for mid to large organizations, in various programming languages and technologies. 
Today, I am a WordPress developer, using high-end technologies in order to meet my clients’ needs. Meeting the exact needs of every client is a top priority for me. To every new project I bring my experience, as well as excellent communication and human relations, and a wide range of qualities and knowledge, based on my experience.

My aim is to deliver an excellent website that boosts your online presence.